Solid Edge ST6 anuncia un nuevo Service Pack 3

Solid Edge ST6
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Solid Edge ST6 anuncia un nuevo Service Pack

Potencia Solid Edge ST6 con este nuevo Service Pack

El service pack se puede bajar de Con su clave GTAC.
Las correcciónes se describen a continuación:
PR 6952126: Replace all on alternate components from automation fails to replace all
PR 2226134: Req. for sample code to Control the mesh & contour display through SE API
PR 6959176: Stack corruption when calling AddSimplifyEnclose with more than one component
PR 2227984: In test case for PR#2171379 fixed in ST4, the error occurs in ST6
PR 6938187: Publish to GrabCAD – error uploading FOA
PR 6938983: Server busy error when saving from the GrabCAD upload dialog
PR 6935212: Added GetMatrix API to Sketch and Profile
PR 6940547: Crash on calling OrderedGeometry API present on Sketch Profile in Part Document
PR 6941052: a crash when calling CopySurfacePtr->GetName() APIAssembly
PR 2224165: Defensive fixes for crashes reported by customer
PR 6952137: Replace Part command resulting in incorrect display/locate/highlight while in-place active in a subassembly
PR 6953362: Wireframe shows through in XpresRoute ONLY from frame creation
PR 6958580: some bad property data was causing assemblies to be perpetually out-of-date
PR 1956935: Simplified Assembly Model initializing as ordered rather than synchronous
PR 2225795: SE not allowing changing material of Part if part file is modified outside.
PR 6953840: Update Links is not updating.
PR 6936068: Solid Edge crashes when highlighting in a section view
PR 1960814: Added compatibility for NX 9.0 and SE ST6
PR 2228413: Solid Works bulk migration not working
Note: SolidWorks Data Migration users require a separate maintenance pack to take advantage of features
provided by ST 6 MP3. The SolidWorks Data Migration tool can be downloaded from:…on/SolidWorks/Draft
PR 1957933: Selecting callout saved setting after smart select results in crash
PR 6950656: Changing a dimension view Values/Formulas/Names is delayed at ASM level
PR 6948493: Incorrect export of Mechanical Symbols from Draft Callouts
PR 1957529: Etch constructions were not shown in a drawing view with assembly features turned off
PR 6937501: Fill not appearing on OLE cut and paste
PR 6954350: crash when smartmouse hovers over bspline
PR 6957060: Shading does not update correctly in ST6, MP2

Part/Profile/Sheet Metal
PR 1956410: Loft Command Extent Options cause Abort in ST6 MP1
PR 6952014: Error creating a 2nd body while IPA; eventually leads to SE crash
PR 6952582: Invalid memory access
PR 1955449: pattern of parts on synchronous holes is wrong
PR 1958269: Paste is very slow
PR 1959828: crash when editing a line
PR 6954491: Mesh dialog is clipped off right side at larger display settings

PR 6840744: Where Used does not find DFT file
PR 6880776: Insight: FOP members are not listed as linked files in the LCA process.
PR 1933721: “Free Text” search problem with option “Search for results in subfolders”

Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client
PR 6906056: Leftover transaction- LHS column values are incorrect after retrieving the data
PR 6866436: WF on Project, ECO, and ECR fail if traverse on and link that does not exist
PR 6868521: ECO reports Review, Approve, and Released columns not populated
PR 6907884: Checked out part is released on executing non traverse workflow.
PR 6950567: Quick Links > Select part numbering, select other link, error message displayed
PR 1951059: On server with South African locale format COTS workflows are not installed
PR 6940204: Add 2 SESP Unacceptably slow during dry run
PR 6942477: Send email in Else branch causes error in workflow
PR 6943605: Add 2 SESP fails by writing invalid GUIDs, causing numerous other failures in SE
PR 6951800: “Improve SE Draft Handling in ‘Open In Viewer’ Cmd” to be back ported in ST6 MP
PR 6957972: Performance issues when Property Synchronize preferences = FALSE
PR 6958580: The geometric version for some files has somehow been overwritten
PR 6948224: Unable to import the new file if file is under the related document node
PR 1952968: Slow memory growth/leak on multiple open close operations
PR 2228315: Unable to view data with special user account
PR 6932685: Can’t access objects created by a login that was removed from site collection
PR 6957334: Rev.Title and Rev.Desc values not updated in Revise action
PR 6957919: First Cart created is placed outside the host username folder
PR 6959718: SE SP-EC: Where Used do not work after Revise action
PR 6963498: SESP Structure Editor: Revise action on part sets Revise action on its assembly
PR 6963529: Checked out part: WF of partial enforce rule, Rev Status remains In ProgressSolid Edge Embedded Client
PR 6935232: Perform Restart- File menus are accessible & busy cursor is not shown to user
PR 6905419: While working on leftover transaction, user cannot edit the retrieved data
PR 6909705: Wrong Item ID is assigned to added draft file for divide part
PR 6933633: User is unable to work on leftover files for this workflow
PR 6936838: Required mapped property is not shown in RHS for fresh .psm import
PR 1957613: Revision field button naming rules does not display valid naming rules
PR 6874493: Opening a large assembly is not honoring File Open settings
PR 6954019: SEEC CPD does not show Smart Codes when preference is true
PR 6955816: LHS and RHS are not correctly locked together
PR 1955168: Not able to Revise Item Revisions with MS Office Datasets
PR 1957254: Problem with building Structures in Solid Edge
PR 6934016: ‘New’ TC action is set for suspended files while re-importing to TC
PR 6939465: Some mapped properties are not synchronized correctly during ATT
PR 6955907: Structure displayed incorrectly
PR 6955945: DFT files that reference multi 3D files do not pass Doc # to Item ID correctly
PR 6938073: SESE crash changing Regions Rule in current opened assembly
PR 1959260: Save As of an existing Part or Assembly is not possible in German SEST6MP2
PR 6937604: Saving SE asm with NX driven reference destroys the BOM
PR 6937684: Search in Tc Parts Library then D and D does not invoke MultiCAD
PR 6938043: Exiting- Save As-Some mapped properties values are not updated after import
PR 6957439: AtTi crashes while expanding the unmanaged BOM of the Motorcycle demo
PR 6958135: Add to Teamcenter Interactive aborts with shortcut command


  • Osh Biz Habibi

    Cordial Saludo
    Como obtener el webkey para descargar el pack 3.

    • Uriel Nabel

      Gracias por tu consulta.
      Para tener el webkey uno tiene que ser cliente del producto Siemens (en este caso Solid Edge) con mantenimiento activo.